"Areyoukiddingme?!  Another social network?  I'm ready to hibernate as is!"  That's what has gone through my head when I've thought about adding Instagram to my business.  But then Diana introduced me to a fun and beautiful Instagram, (they should call it funstagram, really!)  and an intro to the quick ins and outs that take away the overwhelm and become something that I look forward to.  Morso than hibernating even.  Ha!  I find I am using it as a new creative outlet almost as much as a business tool.  

Jumpstart your Instagram opens FRIDAY!  I'm so looking forward to it!  I got to preview the first the first little bit and, well, you can see how I feel about it already.  I'm excited to be both an affiliate and an instructor in the course!  Diana--check her out at The Coffee Date  includes a few lessons that I have written on photography.  I talk about composition, lighting, and editing.  You will learn how to arrange your images so they are pleasing to look at, an easy trick to getting great light with any image, and what I look for when editing.  I include 2 editing videos, one in color and one in black and white where I share my thought process and show how I come to the final image.

Here's a look at the b+w before and after:

I will have a private facebook group where you can post the assignments I give and receive feedback.  I really want to help you grasp the concepts I am teaching, so I hope you'll join us and practice!  I will even include a preset or two for you as we go along.  Though I imagine the best part will be the people you meet and the friendships you make along the way.  I hope to see you there!

While this course is geared toward business owners, there will be great info for anyone looking to better their design (and photography!) skills.  It's on sale today for $97, grab it!

Here's a little write up from Diana Trihn (thank you!) on what is included in the course :

                                                                                                    JUMPSTART YOUR INSTAGRAM!

This course is broken down into 4 different parts:

1. Optimization: We are going to make sure that your Instagram is properly optimized to ensure that you reach your target audience.

2. Creating Content: After this section, you're never going to get stuck wondering what to post and when to post. We're talking all about content curation, how to take your own gorgeous photos with expert photographer Dana Dyer and how to make sure the content attracts your ideal audience.

3. Editing your Content: Now, we're going to talk about how to use specific apps to make sure that the photos really "pop", and make people want to "like". This section is filled with video tutorials of photos getting edited right before your eyes with expert Social Media Strategist Patty Rivas.

4. Strategy: This is the core of the lesson and the most important part. We're going to dive deep into hashtag research, talk about apps that you can use to analyze your Instagram content, and help you manage your account. I'm going to show you how I went about getting 50 Instagram followers in one day, how to write a caption that your target audience will connect with and how to find your target audience.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!  You can ask in the comments or by hitting the contact link up top.  

Thanks for stopping by!