What does a session with you look like?

Let's start with what it's not.  It's not stiff, it's not stressful.  We don't say, "cheese!"  You won't need to buy new clothes or get your hair done.  (But don't let me stop you!)  Generally speaking, a documentary session is simply you doing what you do.  Imagine the perfect Saturday with your family, the ins and outs of our your regular day, or maybe a weekend camping trip.  There really is no limit on what we can do.  I am happy to brainstorm with you to figure out a day that showcases who you are at this phase in your life.  Consultations are free!

What if we're...boring?

Once upon a time, I had the same thoughts.  But when I started shooting us just as we were, I have come to see us as something unique and beautiful in our ordinary.  I've come to love us more, both individually and collectively.  I'd love the challenge of surprising you.

But, really.  We're boring. 

Okay, I hear ya.  Perhaps everyone is glued to their screens and that is just now how to want to remember this time in your life!  Let's find an activity that we plan that will get everyone moving.  Perhaps volunteering in your community, painting a bedroom, bowling, or making homemade pizza is just the thing.  

My house is a mess.  Can we wait until I clean? renovate? MOVE?!

Of course we can, but.  There's always a but!  (or so we say in my house)  

1.   I am a pro at hiding messes when I shoot!
2.  Messes can be a beautiful part of our story (have you heard an empty nest mother say she misses the messes?).  
3.  We don't have to shoot in your mess.

Can we wait until I lose weight?  Grow my hair out?

I know what you mean!  I recently cut bangs for myself, and am not sure how I feel about it!  But the truth is, that's how I am right now.  And right now is here; tomorrow, sadly, is not promised.  That might sound a bit cliche, but so true, right?  We're here, it's our time, and...we're good enough, we're smart enough, and doggone it people like us!  (Name that movie.  Or book.  Person?  All I know is I hear my sister's voice saying it in my head and I can't help but crack up!)

I'm almost convinced!  I do really still like formal pictures where everyone is looking at the camera.   Can you help me with that?

Absolutely!  We will take a few minutes at beginning or end of the session for a more formal image.  

What's the difference between the Day in the Life Sessions and  the Short and Sweet Session?

A short and sweet shoot is only an hour long and has more direction from me.  It includes a simple activity and a mix of formal images, head shots, and interactions that scream togetherness and love.