Why school portraits?

When I look through my school photos in my mom's photo albums, there are a couple of cute ones.  Mostly though, they're stiff, uncomfortable and take me back to how awkward I felt during the school portrait sessions.  I think everyone was nice enough, but the experience was so quick that I was sometime confused why I was already being pushed off of the stool and heading back to my room.

I want to give you portraits that portray WHO your child is at this stage in his or her life.  I want you and them to look back and remember feeling the way they felt at that age, not just on one awkward day.  I want you to explore you child's image to see the freckles, the bright hair, the missing teeth, the shy tilt of the head, the confident grins.  I want you to see childhood.  Year after year.

The actual school portrait session takes place in my garage studio and is really simple. I will spend about 10-15 minutes with your child, chatting and interacting while studying and capturing their expressions.