I remember, as a kid, walking down to the country store in the our small town without a worry in the world.  I'd buy small boxes of Lemonheads or a few Swedish Fish and skip my way home.  Those were the days, right?

I was surprised when I went to Cucina Fresca in downtown Elko, NV to do this shoot to find that same hometown feel and memory coming back to me.  It was warm, friendly, cute--seriously, check this out--

(they're flavored honey straws!  who knew?!) and filled with all sorts of little treasures.  Need a gadget?  Just ask their awesome staff.  Need your knives sharpened?  It's $1 knife right now--and I don't know if this was just a fluke, but I swear sharp blades = tear free onion slicing.  It was nice not to cry buckets over onions, that's all I'm sayin'.  

I got a little sidetracked there, but go ahead and check out what a great couple of days we had!

Boyd and Mandi Ratliff of Cucina Fresca are pleased to offer a $10 gift card to danadyer.com blog readers!  Just head into their store and let them know you saw them on danadyer.com, or pull up this post on your phone, or say "I'm Dana's friend...she something about a gift card?"  I give you license to be creative.  :)   Available in the month of June, 2016*. At least get your knives sharpened and try a honey straw, friends!  

They'd also love to show you their collection of wines, gourmet coffees, and kitchen gadgets to make your cooking and dining experience go a little smoother.  Their new location is 780 West Silver Street--it's nestled with some other shops close the Mountain City Highway and Idaho Street intersection.  Happy Shopping!

A big thank you to Todd and Marin Wendell of Ruby Mountain Chiropractic and Everything Elko (which is like a little tour of Elko--if you have a local business check them out for advertising your stuffs!) and her family for helping us out with this--they were awesome!

*One per family, not redeemable for cash, not valid with any other offers.  

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