What's in a story?

Once upon a time (ha!) I was tucking my now left-the-nest-oldest-child in bed in when I had one of those moments.  A moment when this mishmash of ideas seemed to collide all at once and something magical was born.  A dream pocket.  I reached deep in my pocket and very carefully pulled out some magic.  It floated through the air, and as I gazed intently through my telescope I discovered what was there.   That first night was an elephant, the color purple and a polka dot.

From 3 things we created ideas and worlds, silliness and seriousness.

We were free to imagine, to grow, to question, to explore...to dream.

I believe our own lives are much the same.  We take what we've been given, what we've found, what we've created, and in living-- our stories are created.

It's the everyday moments, the once in a lifetime moments, and all the in-betweens that shape and give our stories life.  I would honored to help you tell yours.