Elko, NV Photographers |  Spring Creek Prom 2016


Elko, NV Photographers | Spring Creek Prom 2016

Teen Date Night Fun |
Spring Creek, NV

The sweetest and most fun group of kids ever!  I thought they were brilliant for booking their own custom photo session as part of their date night.  (It was really an honor to be your photographer, thank you for that.)  We had to change locations, as the weather toyed with us.   Fortunately, these rapidly changing Spring Creek, Nevada skies just don't disappoint. They  require a change of direction or a few moments of patience when, BAM, they deliver.  

Couple that awesomeness with this fantastic group of teens and there was just no going wrong! The girls were so much fun and the boys perfect gentlemen.  I hope everyone has this much fun on Prom night!

Without further ado, here is a piece of their beautiful Prom night (click for full size):

Do you have a favorite?  Let me know in the comments!

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If you're interested in your own date night session, give me a holler and we'll make a unique photo session tailored just for you!




Bonneville Salt Flats Photographer |   Fun Family Session (with tips!)


Bonneville Salt Flats Photographer | Fun Family Session (with tips!)

Elko Family Photographer | Exploring Northern Nevada

If you've heard about, or seen any pictures about the Bonneville Salt Flats--especially when they are covered with water--it's all true.  It's a bit surreal and fascinating.  It's gorgeous any time of year, but is particularly fascinating when covered with water.  

Even if you're not going out for a family photo session (I mean, people do that right?  go out without a camera?!  ;) it's a lovely place for a family outing.  There are a couple of things to consider when going to play in sand (not that it happened to us, psh!)

1.  If you have a cut...it stings when the salt hits it!!  Have you heard of the expression rubbing salt in the wound (of course you have!).  I'm convinced it was birthed on the Bonneville Salt Flats.

2.  There are foot baths at the highway rest stop along the flats, but not if you venture further out (at least I didn't see any) so bring your own water to rinse off with before you get in your car.  That stuff is brutal!  But worth it!

I had a blast with this incredibly fun and sweet family!  Their two littles are a new and perfect addition to their family--their adoption was finalized just this last year.  I could have spent an entire week with them, they were truly delightful.  

A big thank you to my friend (and awesome newborn photog!) Kandi Anderson for taking me out and showing me the ropes (like...don't drive on the sand when it's damp you CAN get stuck!").  I had a fabulous time, my friend!

Are you ready to book your own unique family photo shoot?  We offer quick and fun shoots like this one as well as in home everyday, documentary sessions to capture those candid moments that happen every day.  Either way, it's a beautiful way to preserve you and your family as you are today.  Let's make some gorgeous art for your home.  Contact me for a free consultation.


A blog circle:  The Free 52 Project


A blog circle: The Free 52 Project

I lucked out enough to be included with this amazing sea of photographers working on a project called The Free 52.  It is such a treat!  We are doing blog circle to feature our favorite images from the month.  I'll put a link at the end of this  for you to follow through and see some amazing images.  I'm guessing you'll be blown away.

Here's a little ditty about freelensing if you've not heard of it:

Freelensing is when you remove your lens from the camera, hold it close to the body of the camera, and tilt it to manually focus rendering a very distinct focal effect.  It's often referred to as tilt-shift lens effect, or "poor man's tilt shift" as there are actual lenses created to give this effect.  Normally lenses give you a flat area (I think of it as a strip) of focus, however when freelensing your focus / blur area are much more random.

Check out these images of Heather (from part of our "Just Because" session in Salt Lake City where we hopped in Starbucks to warm up with cocoa, yum!) and note the drastic focus / out of focus areas.  Or don't.  Either way, grab your own cuppa cocoa and enjoy the show.

How nice is she?!    Thank you, Heather!

How nice is she?!  

Thank you, Heather!


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