This kid can sing!  He has always tinkered on the piano and sang, and now writes his own music.  When you hear Micah sing you know he feels it with his whole soul.  His humility, kindness, passion, friendliness, and loving heart shine through everything he does.  It's hard to spend time with this kid and not walk away smiling and having hope for the world.

I first met Micah when he was brought home from Russia.  My sister and her husband adopted this sweet boy with the big, brown, kind eyes and I was instantly in love.  It was hard to head home after that meeting.  It has been lovely to watch him grown into such a generous and kind person.

Without any formal training, but with last minute encouragement from friends Micah tried out with 100 other kids for Meridian, Idaho's MAV factor (a mock American Idol show) and made the top 10!  It was truly an amazing show with incredible talent.  The host, Jason Gray from Studio C, and judges Matt Millington, Carolyn Holly and Ken Bass did an amazing job.  And of course the school's local music program which made it all possible.  Just amazing.

It was a treat for this photographer to photograph him in his home as he warmed up for the evening performance, and follow him as he sang for the crowd.  As soon as he walked out, I was overcome with his path.  Where he came from, the road he's walked, and where he was right then.  I was proud.  I cried.  I stood and clapped obnoxiously.   Being an aunt is the best.

Thank you, Micah for your big heart, emotive voice, and giving spirit--it touches everyone you know.  Thank you for being you.   And I hope you have the best birthday (it's today)!