My hands were a little sweaty going into this senior photoshoot. I had yet to meet Kodi, I hadn't scouted locations, and I hadn't sketched anything out (sometimes I go overboard). But as soon as I saw this girl with the sweet, fun sparkle in her eye, I melted and knew we would be just fine.

We headed to downtown Salt Lake to looking for interesting architectural locations.  We finally decided on the library.  We had a driver this time, so I escaped the whole parking ticket thing that happened on my previous Salt Lake City shoot.  There was, however, a 5k (?) run we had to maneuver, and the top of the library was closed due to...jumpers.  Sad. We had a little luck (we'll call her "Kodi's charming mom" because...true story!) and got 10 minutes on the roof.   Thank you, Kim!

Okay, on to the images along with some words of wisdom from this spunky, down-to-earth, fun, and gorgeous senior girl:


Advice to live by:

Don't stress over the little things they will pass and it will get better. Don't focus on what could happen. Focus on what will happen. Life is too short to be worried all the time.


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