Why tweens?

For starters, they're one of my favorite ages to photograph and for...enders (yes, I make up words) they're incredibly fun!  Yet somehow they are one of the least photographed ages of childhood.  Wait--wha??  I know, right?

I call it the
middle-age of childhood.  They've outgrown their traditional firsts:  first step, lost tooth, or day of kinder, and are quickly moving toward the "they'll-be-leaving-home-tomorrow!" phase.  (At least that's how I feel about it; I call it pre-emptynesting. That's a thing, right? Right?!)  Anyway, they somehow end up skipping the photography sessions from baby to...senior pictures!  How does that that happen so fast?!  But that's not what this post is about; this is about celebrating (and photographing) those in-between years.

 Some of my favorite things happen during this growing-independence "middle-age" time.   They can make their own sandwiches, clean up their mess (emphasis on can!)  and love to learn and try new things! Some things my tween kids picked up (collectively) were: dog training, movie making, guitar playing, baking, acting, writing short stories (yes, for fun!) singing, and all sorts of small businesses (I got it from them).   They're fascinating.

I  started a Pinterest board just for tweens.   It has stuff like braids, 3 pitfalls to avoid, 101 unplugged activities.  I haven't read them all, but I've pinned them!  It counts.  

I once asked on my fb page for some favorite tween memories; you can check out the responses here.  They were really quite sweet.  I'd love to hear what you are loving (or already pre-nest missing, ha!) about your tween in the comments.  Be sure and show him/her your brag!

Mine current fave: my 10 year old boy's long (literally, his arms are so spindly!), gentle hugs and the adoration and care he gives "his chickens". We just got them for the eggs, but they instantly became his best friends.  He makes sure to get up extra early to feed them when he has to be at school early, and always checks on them as soon as he gets home.  It's the sweetest thing.  I'm going to have to give him his own blogpost about it one of these days.

If you're interested in a tween (or family) photo session contact me here; I'd love to chat with you.