Teen Date Night Fun |
Spring Creek, NV

The sweetest and most fun group of kids ever!  I thought they were brilliant for booking their own custom photo session as part of their date night.  (It was really an honor to be your photographer, thank you for that.)  We had to change locations, as the weather toyed with us.   Fortunately, these rapidly changing Spring Creek, Nevada skies just don't disappoint. They  require a change of direction or a few moments of patience when, BAM, they deliver.  

Couple that awesomeness with this fantastic group of teens and there was just no going wrong! The girls were so much fun and the boys perfect gentlemen.  I hope everyone has this much fun on Prom night!

Without further ado, here is a piece of their beautiful Prom night (click for full size):

Do you have a favorite?  Let me know in the comments!

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If you're interested in your own date night session, give me a holler and we'll make a unique photo session tailored just for you!